Over the last 6 months East Midlands Spine Ltd have been slowly updating and transferring this website to another setting. This will provide much better media interaction and scope to build in sections more easily as they are requested. As pages are updated they will be removed from here so please follow the link to the new site if you cannot find what you are looking for. The auto link appears not to be working with consistency so please copy and paste the link into your email browser.



When the entire site has moved, the ‘Backdoor’ domain will be linked directly to the new site, such is the popularity.


This site has been designed to offer free infomation to people with back pain. Some areas may be more relevant if you are a patient of nick’s already but the educational sections on common conditions, research and surgeries etc will be helpful to anyone. We hope you find it useful and appreciate feedback!!

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This site has been designed and developed by Physiotherapist Mr Chris Heywood MSc BSc MCSP in conjunction with, and on behalf of Spinal Surgeon Mr Nick Birch FRCS Orth. Chris also holds the current role of site Administrator.